Léonard Lifar

Leonard Lifar is studying international business at Paris Dauphine University, and he holds a degree in international relations from Sciences Po Rennes, France. He has published numerous articles for the French geopolitical blog Les Yeux du Monde and collaborated with several think-tanks (IFRAP, CEPS) on defense and security issues. Lifar’s focus is on Africa, the Middle East, Russia and BRICS.

Russia Returns in Show of Force

Jan 12, 2017

Russia’s new foreign policy doctrine sees the return of military force.  In early December 2016, the Russian Federation published its new foreign policy doctrine. The previous update was in 2013, at the threshold of the Ukrainian crisis. Since then, it has been interesting to see how the Kremlin changes its...

Saudi Arabia's Snub: A Sword Struck into Water?

Nov 15, 2013

Despite recent tensions, Saudi Arabia will not alter its diplomatic ties with the US. The United States and Saudi Arabia have a long-standing alliance, sealed in oil since the 1930s. Even though this relationship has experienced ups and downs – due to the oil embargo in 1973 and 9/11 –...