Kinga Brudzinska

Kinga Brudzińska is a senior research fellow for the Future of Europe Programme at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia. She received a PhD in Political Science from the University of Warsaw and an MA in Economics from the University of Economics in Krakow. She also holds a Diploma in Latin American Studies from TEC Monterrey in Mexico. She is an expert on the Spanish-speaking world, EU foreign policy and on issues of international democracy. She is author of chapters in books, articles in press and various analyses on the European Union and Latin America. She is an alumna of the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius Global Governance Network (Brazil 2014) and a senior fellow of the Humanity in Action and Lantos Foundation (US Program 2008 and the US House of Representatives 2009). Prior to joining GLOBSEC, she worked at the Polish Institute of International Affairs.
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Third Countries Are Invited to Join European Military Projects

As the European Union comes to terms with a changing strategic environment, it needs to do more to provide for its own defense and security. This includes better and more comprehensive EU-NATO coordination but also the participation of non-EU members in projects and processes initiated within EU structures. This discussion is especially important now, when the EU, while coping with... Continue Reading

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Is Jair Bolsonaro the Man for Brazil?

Brazil heads to the polls on October 28, with Jair Bolsonaro widely tipped to become the country’s next president. There can be no doubt that Jair Bolsonaro entered Brazil’s presidential campaign as a rank outsider. When it comes to populist anti-establishment politicians making their mark across Latin America, the far-right congressman and former army captain is certainly in good company.... Continue Reading

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Are Mexico’s Winds of Change Blowing in the Right Direction?

The current wave of support for Andrés Manuel López Obrador was unthinkable a decade ago. Mexico goes to the polls on July 1 for what promises to be an unprecedented set of elections. Not only will Mexicans vote for the presidency, legislative posts, governors and mayors at the same time, but it’s also likely that they will opt for a president from outside the established party system. It... Continue Reading

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Cuba After Castro: A New Beginning?

Cuba will remain a one-party authoritarian state, with or without a Castro at the helm. On April 19 Raúl Castro will step down as Cuba’s president, ending almost six decades of his family’s rule of the Caribbean island. Contrary to some expectations, however, Havana will not embark on an extensive process of political transition. Even though the country faces a significant generational... Continue Reading

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Will the FARC Suffer Pablo Escobar’s Political Fate?

Polls suggest that the FARC party will receive less than 1% of the popular vote in Colombia's upcoming elections. After finally seeing the end of the longest internal armed conflict in the Western hemisphere, Colombia is set to elect a new congress on March 11 and a new president on May 27. The 2018 elections cycle will be a response to the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces... Continue Reading

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Get Ready for Germany’s New Old Coalition

Germany's coalitions talks have been frustrated by months of political deadlock. Put simply, last September’s general election was a disaster for Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD). With Martin Schultz at the helm, the party saw its share of the vote fall from 34.2% in 2005 to a record low of 20.5%. Indeed, the results were so bad that the SPD leader ruled out the formation of another... Continue Reading

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Catalonia Is Still in Limbo

Catalonia’s political landscape remains dominated by forces more interested in separating from Spain than governing this fragile region. Most people start the new year with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the future. It’s unlikely, however, that many Spaniards will be as enthusiastic about 2018 as other parts of the world. The stalemate in Catalonia will not be easily overcome and... Continue Reading

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The Future of Spain's Territorial Integrity

It is unlikely that recent developments in Catalonia will have an impact on the territorial organization of Spain. Politicians in Madrid and citizens all over Spain accept the fact that Catalonia’s dream is to become an independent republic. However, nobody thought that the pro-independence coalition would go so far as to make its recent (and reckless) attempt to declare unilateral... Continue Reading

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