Khalid Allaoui

Khalid Allaoui is a Moroccan photojournalist and filmmaker. He has worked as a photographer since 2009 and his aim is to travel and work around the world as a photojournalist and filmmaker.

The Catwoman of Rabat

October 01, 2017

The stray cats of Rabat are alone and hungry. This young woman is doing something about it. Hajar Benallal is a modern-day hero. This young Moroccan woman takes care of some of the many street cats of Rabat. Each week, she feeds hundreds of cats. Stray cats in the Moroccan...

Music With the Gnaoua in Morocco

July 20, 2017

In Morocco, an annual music festival brings with it a cultural experience that lifts people’s spirits. At the end of June, the winds of the old port city of Essaouira move to the rhythm of Gnaoua music when the annual festival takes place. At this time, the small Moroccan city...