Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston served four years as a Transportation Corps officer at Fort Hood, Texas. While there, his positions included movement officer in Movement Control Teams, executive officer in a Headquarter Detachment and platoon leader in the 154th Composite Transportation Company. He holds a BA from Dickinson College and an MA from Saint Mary’s University.
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It’s Time to Give OSINT Its Own Agency

The recent rise of social media sites, the instant spread of news via the internet and the availability of satellite imagery to the public created a plethora of open source information that is not guarded by governments or the military. This type of information is increasingly used to generate intelligence reports by states as well as non-state actors. In order for the US intelligence community... Continue Reading

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The Changing Nature of the Three-Block War

While codified as the future fight for the Marine Corps in General Charles Krulak’s prescient 1999 essay, “The Three Block War,” offensive military actions, civil-military operations and humanitarian aid are not unique to the Marines. Given that all branches of the US military often complete the same missions in the same operating environment, General Krulak accurately predicted that... Continue Reading

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Escaping Thucydides’ Trap: Keeping the Peace Between Rising and Reigning Powers

A conflict between the United States and China seems increasingly likely. A trade war that began several years ago has had economic repercussions for both sides. In the South China Sea, Chinese aggression against Taiwan is checked by the US military. In cybersphere, the war has already begun, as American and Chinese hackers attempt to exploit weaknesses in each other’s online defenses for... Continue Reading

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