Jennifer Bates

Geopolitical Researcher
Jennifer Bates is a geopolitical researcher in the risk analysis team at Protection Group International (PGI). Her region of focus is Latin America, and her research interests include regional organizations in Latin America and third wave democratization. She has previous experience working at a think tank and in a development organization. Bates holds an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

Mexico: Unrest Against Fuel Price Hike Risks Sentiment Toward IOCs

January 17, 2017

The Mexican government’s increase of fuel prices has provoked a wave of unrest targeting petrol facilities across the country. In Mexico, the removal of subsidies and deregulation of prices have seen fuel costs go up 14-20% since January 1, sparking a wave of nationwide unrest involving wide sections of society....

Can Argentina’s President-Elect Overcome the Obstacles to Reform?

November 30, 2015

Macri’s election will likely see a shift in Argentina’s foreign policy, notably changing relations with the US, Venezuela and potentially China. The election of Mauricio Macri, the candidate for the Cambiemos (Let’s Change) coalition, as president has been welcomed as a potential turning point in Argentina’s financial, political and foreign...