Jean-Yves Camus

Jean-Yves Camus is a French political scientist. His research is focused on the contemporary radical right. He is an associate fellow at Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS) and the director of Observatoire des radicalités politiques (ORAP) at Fondation Jean Jaurès. He joined the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) as a senior fellow in 2019. His most recent published book is: “Far-Right Politics in Europe” (Harvard University Press, 2017), with Nicolas Lebourg. He is associated with the Project on the Transnational History of the Far-Right led by Professor Marlene Laruelle at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian and Studies (IERES), George Washington University. He is also working on a project dealing with the ideology of the new right, under the supervision of Professor A. James McAdams at Notre Dame University, Indiana.

Europe’s Far Right Fails to Capitalize on COVID-19

October 01, 2020

Europe’s radical-right parties have quickly understood the benefit they can derive from criticizing their respective governments in managing the COVID-19 health crisis. Their communication focuses on three main areas. First, they question the animal origin of the epidemic through the use of several conspiracy theories. Second comes the criticism of...

Jean de Viguerie, a Counter-Revolutionary Historian in Post-1968 France

April 28, 2020

The luminaries of contemporary counter-revolutionary thinking are not well-known and their publications are seldom reported, much less reviewed. France is one of few countries where counter-revolutionary groups are still active, mostly within the Catholic fundamentalist (“intégriste”) movement, embodied in the Fraternité Saint-Pie X (Society of Saint Pius X or SSPX),...