James Quirk

James Quirk teaches at American University in Washington, DC. He previously taught at Loyola University Maryland, The Catholic University of America, and the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria. He lectures on American federalism at the Library of Congress’ Open World Leadership Center and writes on American and global politics. He has worked on projects in the Balkans, Mexico, Iraqi Kurdistan and elsewhere, including with the OSCE, IEEE and ICANN.
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The Other Palestine: How Long Can Occupation Be the Answer?

Ordinary Palestinians say they understand Israel's security goals. But they feel these policies are applied with irrational, random vengeance against the innocent. After President Donald Trump's announcement on December 6, 2017, that the US embassy in Israel would be moved to Jerusalem, images of Bethlehem as a Christmas idyll were replaced with rock-throwing Palestinians and Israeli... Continue Reading

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Elections 2012: Why the Economy Might Not Matter

As the US election day dawns, history suggests that the issues debated in a presidential campaign will not be ones that are most important to the next president. As US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld famously identified one category of risks in Iraq as "unknown unknowns" – those things that "we do not know we don't know." Nassim Nicholas Taleb developed the black swan theory, dealing... Continue Reading

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