Helios Global

Staying abreast of the rapid pace of geopolitical changes in an increasingly turbulent and interconnected world presents daunting challenges. Mitigating the risks – political, economic, business, reputational, and security – inherent to operating in a geopolitical landscape that is in perpetual flux while identifying prospective opportunities can mean the difference between profit and loss, success and failure, safety and vulnerability. With this in mind, Helios Global is proud to introduce its World Trends Watch series. World Trends Watch goes beyond the news headlines to explore the deeper implications of major geopolitical events and trends for investors, decision-makers, and analysts. The items covered in World Trends Watch provide a glimpse into their capabilities to perform custom-tailored analysis of social, political, economic, business, and security developments in emerging markets, countries prone to or experiencing volatility, and key geopolitical currents and trends.


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