Hasheemah Afaneh

Hasheemah Afaneh is a Palestinian writer based in the United States. She holds a master's degree in public health from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Afaneh blogs at www.norestrictionsonwords.wordpress.com and has written for various media outlets including The Huffington Post and This Week in Palestine, among others.

Solutions to the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Can Only Succeed if Occupation Ends

In the present situation, any solution deemed sustainable in science cannot be truly sustainable in the Gaza Strip, or even in Palestine. This past spring, I was sitting in one of the environmental policy and public health classes of my graduate studies program, and the topic of discussion was water issues and solutions around the world. The Gaza Strip was mentioned, almost inevitably... Continue Reading

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From New Orleans to Palestine: Whose House Is This?

Palestinians have asked for decades “Whose house is this?” Trump has given the green light for the occupation to take whatever of the “house” is left. “Whose house is this?” A man in a black sweater and dark jeans stood at the podium, raised both arms in the air and asked the question again. He spoke of Community Benefits Agreements in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, whilst... Continue Reading

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Palestinian Youth Put Down Backpacks in Protest

Palestinians do not want to keep fighting for the rest of their lives. They want an end to the Israeli occupation today. Back in November, as I passed a road that is usually used for driving lessons provided for the people of Ramallah and al-Bireh, I noticed a line of parked cars. The further I drove, the more vehicles I counted—new and old, trucks and vans. Parked vehicles on a naturally... Continue Reading

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US Candidates Offer Nothing Different on Palestine

Will the next US president be any different on his or her stance over Palestine? “Are either of you registered to vote?” says Mona. “Please, please, please register if you’re not. It’s so easy. Very quick.” I can almost imagine my friend as she types this message to me and another friend, Randa, with enthusiasm and excitement. It reminded me of the first time she had registered... Continue Reading

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