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German Peinado Delgado is a business project manager and international relations professional based in Bogota, Colombia. A graduate of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the Universidad Javeriana, Peinado Delgado has worked throughout both Colombia and Ecuador.
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Will Paraguay’s President Abdo Benitez Redeem His Name?

Paraguay’s current president, Mario Abdo Benitez, was elected in April 2018. When he was sworn into office in August that year, it represented a second consecutive five-year term in power for the conservative Colorado Party, following the right-wing presidency of Horacio Cartes. At 48, Abdo Benitez is one of the youngest heads of state in Latin America along with Nayid Bukele in El Salvador,... Continue Reading

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Fintech: Embracing the Digital Age in the Time of Social Distancing

The COVID-19 global pandemic has become a make-it-or-break-it moment for many businesses, particularly startups and industry disruptors. With market forces and rules being reshaped daily at lightning speed, large swaths of the world have been forced to adopt technology and embrace the digital age in order to keep the lights on. The new socioeconomic order and redefined market priorities will... Continue Reading

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Uruguay Turns Its Leftist Page

In November 2019, Luis Lacalle Pou was elected president of Uruguay after defeating the ruling party candidate and former Montevideo mayor, Daniel Martinez, in the second round. President Lacalle Pou’s inauguration in March marked the end of a decade and a half of executive leadership by members of Uruguay’s left-wing Broad Front party, which included the iconic former presidents Jose... Continue Reading

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Will the COVID-19 Crisis Be a Wake-Up Call for Honduras’ Political Class?

The countries in Central America's Northern Triangle — Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — do not have the public health infrastructure necessary to overcome the challenges of a pandemic. That is why these countries, which are used to seeing significant migratory transit, quickly shut their borders as the COVID-19 contagion gained steam in Latin America. The spread of the pandemic in a... Continue Reading

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Chinese Ambitions for Latin America: What’s the Trade-Off?

As the global COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world, the grand strategy of revisionist powers will either falter or accelerate. At the dawn of the post-coronavirus world — whenever it might come — the Chinese Communist Party will push forward with its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which will threaten to further marginalize the role of South America in the global supply chain. The Republic... Continue Reading

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El Salvador’s Young President Turns Up the Pressure on the Political Establishment

Elected in 2019 as a political outsider to El Salvador’s two main parties, Nayib Bukele assumed the country’s presidency with the promise of ending gang violence and enforcing the rule of law in an institutionally weak nation. However, Bukele’s recent actions as president seeking to pressure the country’s legislature to approve a bill giving the executive the ability to negotiate a... Continue Reading

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For Lenin Moreno, Ecuador’s Economy Is a Key to Staying in Power

Last October, Ecuador witnessed some of the largest mass protests in its modern history. Concentrated mainly in the capital city of Quito and, less intensely, in Guayaquil, Cuenca and Portoviejo, the protests ignited on October 3, when President Lenin Moreno’s government announced the elimination of long-standing fuel subsidies for gasoline and natural gas. The cancellation of these subsidies... Continue Reading

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Chile Protests and the Rise of Political Risk in Latin America

Just as it seemed that the leftist “pink tide” had finally receded across Latin America, a wave of social movements are shaking market-friendly governments in the region. While certainly a reflection of the polarized political climate on a global scale, the recent convulsions across the continent deal a strong blow against the region's maturing democratic institutions and serve as a reminder... Continue Reading

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Protests Continue Across Bolivia After Evo Morales' Controversial Reelection

Just as right-wing incumbents in Chile, Ecuador and Argentina are experiencing a substantial pushback following the implementation of neoliberal economic reforms, left-wing and populist leaders in Latin America are also feeling the heat of popular discontent. In Bolivia, people have taken to the streets following an election held on October 20, to rally both for and against the "reelection" of... Continue Reading

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What Can Panama’s New President Do for His Country?

After a decade led by two globalist and establishment presidents, Ricardo Martinelli and Juan Carlos Varela, Panama has a new leader who brings a nationalist flare to political discourse. Despite a career in business and politics, President Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo has never seen eye to eye with Panama City elites. Earlier this year, Cortizo was propelled to the presidency despite, or... Continue Reading

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