Gavin E.L. Hall

Gavin E.L. Hall is a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham focusing on the institutional transformation of NATO in the post-Cold War era, especially in relation to emerging security challenges such as the provision of security in the cyber environment. He holds an MA with Distinction in Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security from Coventry University and a BA in War Studies from King’s College London.

WannaCry: The Role of Government in Cyber-Intrusions

May 18, 2017

What role should governments play when it comes to cybersecurity? The WannaCry cyber-incident of May 12, which involved the British National Health Service (NHS), has received a good deal of coverage. Comments focused on whether the attack was preventable and if it presents increased vulnerability for public sector organizations, with substantive focus on...

Is the Snooper’s Charter as Bad as You Think?

March 10, 2016

Security services lack the resources to randomly spy on people. On March 1, UK Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the redrafting of the Investigatory Powers Bill was complete, following a call for the written evidence on the original draft in November 2015. The purpose of the bill is to clarify what...

Cyberspace and the Nature of Warfare

July 31, 2014

The hyper-connected world has not changed the fundamental principles of warfare. The principles of war that have been developed over the centuries remain fundamentally unaltered by the development of advanced systems that operate within cyberspace. This is despite US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warning of a possible “cyber-Pearl Harbor” in...