Garvan Walshe

Garvan Walshe is a Max Weber fellow at the European University Institute in Florence. He was National and International Security Policy Adviser to the Conservative Party until 2008, where he contributed to the party’s statements of foreign and security policy "Unquiet World" and of criminal justice "Prisons with a Purpose."
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Four Reasons for Corbyn’s Resistible Rise

In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity isn’t just the temporary insanity that afflicts all parties after election defeat. If Jeremy Corbyn wins the race to lead the Labour Party, his campaign will provide a masterclass in political insurgency. Devoid of charisma, disrespected by his colleagues, given a mascot’s place on the ballot, this North London Barry Goldwater looks set to be... Continue Reading

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Russia and the Crimea: A Victorious Little War?

Sanctions must be imposed on Russia to keep the peace in Europe. "A short, victorious little war" is said to be what Tsar Nicholas II wanted in 1905, and what the Argentine generals wanted in 1983. There are echoes of the Falklands in the transparent deception with which military maneuvers had begun, the flagrant lies the invading government is telling its own people, the... Continue Reading

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