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Franthiesco Ballerini is a Brazilian writer, journalist and filmmaker. His book, Soft Power — an investigation of the world’s most important cultural influences like Hollywood, tango, anime and Bossa Nova — was a finalist at the 60th Jabuti Awards. His fifth book, History of World Cinema, looks at the way different cultures, languages, aesthetics, techniques and industries of the world are portrayed in film. Ballerini is currently pursuing a PhD in media communications.
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Can Cinema’s Soft Power Change Antigay Culture in Arab Countries?

The idea made sense commercially. After all, Paolo Genovese’s comedy-drama Perfetti Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) grossed more than €16 million in Italy and has been remade 18 times in different countries, including Spain, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, China and Russia, entering the Guinness Book of World Records. So why wouldn’t it be a hit in one or two more nations? Netflix’s... Continue Reading

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Russian Ballet’s Soft Power: Will Dance Outlast Autocracy?

The soft power of Russian ballet survived the two world wars, Joseph Stalin’s terror and Holodomor, the Cold War boycotts, the fall of the Soviet Union and the difficult transition to 21st-century capitalism. Ballet has served as a visiting card for Russia for centuries and even helped to soften the hearts of political adversaries like the United States. It is, arguably, one of Russia’s most... Continue Reading

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Is Chanel Nº5 France’s Greatest Cultural Export?

When it comes to soft power, culture plays a crucial role in shaping attitudes and behavior, delivering more efficient and lasting results than other tools in the influence arsenal. American values were not enough to turn the course of the war in Afghanistan. All the science that supports COVID-19 vaccines has not convinced everyone to get in line for a shot. Sports have ups and downs: Football... Continue Reading

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Will the Tokyo Olympics Increase Japan’s Soft Power?

Sport is often a great source of soft power, or the ability to shape the preferences of others by appeal instead of coercion or monetary incentives. The Olympic Games are a powerful tool for this type of attraction. Awarded to Germany before the Nazis came to power, the 1936 Berlin Olympics helped the regime to sell an image of an organized nation open to the world. Anti-Semitic propaganda was... Continue Reading

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The Cultural Power of Anitta in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Anitta is turning her back on Brazil — and for a good reason. One of the most successful Brazilian singers of the 21st century, she alone gathered over 370,000 people in just one carnival block in Rio early last year. But now she wants millions more, and from all over the world. In late April, Anitta released her most expensive video for her new song, “Girl From Rio.” She had one goal... Continue Reading

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Bollywood’s Soft Power Is Not Enough for the Oscars

In 2019, India produced over 1,800 movies, making it the world’s largest film industry in terms of numbers; this dwarfs the 792 produced in both the US and Canada combined. Bollywood, as Mumbai’s movie industry is known, distributes its films around the world and is particularly popular in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the US and Europe. Why Fame Can Be a Nightmare READ... Continue Reading

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Can Chinawood Win Soft Power for Beijing?

With movie theaters closed all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood studios had little reason for celebration over the past year. In business for over a century, Universal Pictures (founded in 1912), Paramount (1912), Warner Bros. (1923), Walt Disney (1923) and Columbia Pictures (1924) now have an extra reason to be concerned. In 2020, China took over Hollywood’s crown as the... Continue Reading

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Foreign-Language Entertainment Is Having Its Soft-Power Moment

Since the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929, non-English films from all over the world used to compete for a nomination in one single category, best foreign film, as all the other Oscars traditionally went to American and, sometimes, British productions. But in 2019, Netflix’s Spanish-language “Roma” was nominated for best picture. It won for best director and, as predicted, best... Continue Reading

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Latin Music Is Seducing the World All Over Again

When Luis Fonsi launched his ninth album, “Vida,” in January 2017, he probably didn’t imagine that its main song, “Despacito,” featuring Daddy Yankee, would become an international sensation. The track broke seven Guinness records, among which were the most weeks at the top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart in 2018, the most-streamed track globally and the first video to ever... Continue Reading

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Is Brazil’s Soft Power Under Threat?

An image isn’t just worth a thousand words. A good public image generates better market positions, healthier interpersonal relationships and, of course, profits. When it comes to a country’s image, its importance is even bigger, not only for economic growth but for the safety of its citizens. After all, who feels safe in a country that emanates a racist and xenophobic attitude? Over the... Continue Reading

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