Fabio Wolkenstein

Fabio Wolkenstein is an assistant professor of political science at Aarhus University and a researcher in political theory at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests include the theoretical study of political parties and partisanship, the political theory of the European Union, the theory and practice of democratic deliberation and representation, and the changing shape of democratic participation in advanced democracies. His work has appeared in such journals as the American Political Science Review, Journal of Political Philosophy, Journal of Common Market Studies, Party Politics, and Political Studies.

Now it’s Austria’s Turn

The right is set to be the big winner in Austria’s general election. Like its much larger German neighbor, Austria will elect a new parliament on October 15. Unlike Germany, however, there are still many open questions concerning the election outcome and its possible consequences. What is certain is that the political right will emerge as the big winner. Initially, Austria’s general... Continue Reading

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