Eugenia Emets

Eugenia is a visual and sound artist, and artistic director and founder of the Analema Group. She graduated with an MFA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, London, in 2008. Her work focuses on exploring the unifying nature of light, sound, and matter. She experiments with immersive spatial installations, questioning and pushing the boundaries of human perception. Through photography, video, laser, holographic, and sound projection, she creates multisensory environments in which a participating audience may directly experience intricate layers of reality, and observer their physical, psychological, and emotional responses. With a particular interest in the interactivity of space and artwork, Eugenia has recently worked on several projects that incorporate various technologies to create immersive experiences. Some of those projects include: ‘108’(2006), an installation comprised of photography, video-work, and sound; ‘Okean X Forms’(2007), a laser projection with live ambient music; ‘Elements of Light’(2008), a video, sound and photography installation; and ‘Manta Ray’a holographic video projection with multichannel sound (in collaboration with Barbara Lambert (sound artist) and Perseus Mandillo (3D artist). Analema Group has recently created “A-Field” (2010), a performance commissioned by Market Estate Project; the ‘Root A’ sound and light installation; and the ‘Kahos’ interactive performance.
Fair Observer, 461 Harbor Blvd, Belmont, CA 94002, USA