Erica Baffelli

Erica Baffelli is a senior lecturer in Japanese studies at the University of Manchester. She is interested in religion in contemporary Japan, with a focus on groups founded from the 1970s onward. Her recent publications include: Media and New Religions in Japan (2016); Aftermath: The Impact and Ramifications of the Aum Affair (2012, Baffelli and Ian Reader, eds); and Japanese Religions on the Internet: Innovation, Representation and Authority (2011, Baffelli, Reader and Birgit Staemmler, eds).
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The Aum Shinrikyo Executions: Why Now?

With the execution of the Aum Shinrikyo leader and six of his followers, Japan looks to leave behind an era of tragedy.  On July 6, 2018, Japanese authorities executed seven members of the religious movement Aum Shinrikyo (Aum true religion, or supreme truth), which carried out the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack and a series of other atrocities. None of the executed men were directly... Continue Reading

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