Emir Hadzikadunic

Emir Hadzikadunic has served as ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Islamic Republic of Iran (2010-13) and Malaysia (2016-2020). He has lectured at the International University of Sarajevo and other universities in southeastern Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. Hadzikadunic’s work has been published in local and regional media in southeastern Europe, including on Al Jazeera Balkans, as well as in academic journals such as the Croatian International Relations Review, The Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations and Epiphany — The Journal of Transdiciplinary Studies. He is the author two books and has co-authored other publications.

US, NATO and the Question of Russia

May 31, 2021

If the question of a rising China and its possible collision with the United States is a central issue in world affairs today, then the rivalry between Russia and the US is the most pressing security challenge in the European theater. From the second half of the Obama administration, through...

25 Years On, The Dayton Peace Agreement Is a Ticking Time Bomb

November 20, 2020

Throughout Danis Tanovic’s Oscar-winning film “No Man’s Land,” a viewer waits distressingly for the bouncing mine to explode below the body of Cera, an injured Bosnian soldier lying in a trench. The last moments of this antiwar satire do not capture a real ending for the story — or the Bosnian...

No Credible Alternative to the US Grand Strategy in Europe

September 04, 2020

Never in the last 75 years has the US-led liberal order in Europe been intellectually more contested. Some in the United States, especially among realist and neorealist scholars, disapprove of what is commonly referred to as the West-centric institutional and rules-based order. They generally raise three interrelated, skeptical and somewhat...