Dikanaya Tarahita

Dikanaya Tarahita is a writer from Indonesia. She holds an MSc in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus Makes Indonesians Get Online

At the time of publishing, around 9,800 Indonesians are confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Although the central government had been slow in enforcing self-quarantine measures, the hashtag #dirumahaja (or #WorkFromHome) is trending on social media as more people are staying indoors. Rohingya Refugee Camps Are the Next Frontline in COVID-19... Continue Reading

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Time to Make a Change This World Autism Day

On World Autism Day, it’s about time that we stop our inconsiderate behavior toward disabled people. This year marks one decade since April 2 was declared as World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations. It is aimed at increasing knowledge about autism in an attempt to advance the rights of those with the condition and to make the world more accommodating to them. It is important to... Continue Reading

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Making the World Aware of Disabilities… and Then?

It is time for us to stop talking about awareness and start making real change now. It is time to get our hands dirty. On December 3, the world marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It is a time when many individuals and organizations run events dedicated to their disabled counterparts. Even though these activities are varied — from visiting disabled homes to holding... Continue Reading

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Inside an Indonesian Special-Needs School

In this guest edition of The Interview, Dikanaya Tarahita and Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat talk to Mawar Sari Hidayat, a teacher at an Indonesian special-needs school. Education is a major problem for disabled people in Indonesia. Regular schools are often unwilling admit and accommodate those with disabilities. As a result, these students have no option but to enroll at special-needs schools, or... Continue Reading

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Educating Everyone in Indonesia

The reason schools and teachers are reluctant to welcome students with disabilities into their institutions is due to the challenges they face. On August 17, Indonesia marks 72 years since its independence. For many, this day symbolizes the country’s long battle to fight for what its founding fathers pledged: among others, to eradicate ignorance and to educate society. In this long ride... Continue Reading

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Jakarta Bombing Leaves More Questions Than Answers

As Jakarta becomes the latest victim of terror, security forces are finding it increasingly difficult to identify patterns behind attacks. Indonesia has been hit by a suspected suicide bombing, the deadliest since January 2016. The attack occurred on May 24 near the densely-populated Kampung Melayu bus terminal in the capital Jakarta. At least three police officers were killed and 10 others... Continue Reading

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Social Media and Consumerism in Indonesia

How social media platforms contribute to growing consumerism among Indonesian youth. Indonesia is a nation of 258 million people. Of that, nearly 124 million are in the labor force — the fifth largest in the world. So, it is easy to see that Indonesia carries enormous potential to keep improving its economic growth and to become a powerhouse in Southeast Asia. The country’s demographic... Continue Reading

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Education in Indonesia is the First Step for Tomorrow

Indonesia celebrates its 72nd Education Day, but is there equality in the country’s education system? On May 2, Indonesia marks its National Education Day. This annual occasion showcases the significance of education to the country and its citizens. To its founding fathers, education was seen as crucial for the development of the nation and the well-being of its people. It is for this... Continue Reading

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Indonesia Remembers the Struggles of Feminist Icon

Thanks to Kartini, many Indonesian women have a role model in the quest to fulfil their dreams. On April 21 every year, Indonesia celebrates Kartini Day in remembrance of a national female hero known by the same name. Having lived in the late 19th century, Kartini succeeded in achieving justice and equality for women and is considered as Indonesia’s first feminist icon. As a country whose... Continue Reading

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Disabled Workers in Indonesia Must Be Respected

In Indonesia, people with disabilities have limited access to education, health care and employment. Indonesia is home to millions of disabled people, even though there is limited available data and uncertain data accuracy—for example, figures reported by the World Health Organization and the government show a considerable difference. Undeniably, the limited data also signifies the lack of... Continue Reading

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