D.A.S. Khalsa

Dev Atma Singh (D.A.S.) Khalsa is a writer and legal professional who has studied art, culture and politics for almost 20 years. He received a JD from the University of New Mexico, an MA from St. John’s College and a BA from the College of William and Mary, and he was licensed in Dispute Resolution.

Modi Should Denounce Sectarian Violence in India

October 27, 2015

Sikhs across the globe are up in arms over sectarian violence in India and are calling on Prime Minister Modi to respond. On October 14 in Punjab, northern India, violence erupted amid a peaceful protest. The protesters were Sikh, from a religion native to the region but with followers all...

World Economy Needs a Bernie Sanders Presidency

July 07, 2015

Bernie Sanders seems to be the only US presidential candidate who is willing to talk about the world that everyone else sees. “Socialism” has long been a bogeyman in American politics. The very term is anathema; practically alone it derailed Hillary Clinton’s health care proposals of the 1990s. But during...

The South Carolina Shooter is Not a “Terrorist”

June 29, 2015

Lowering the bar for white people instead of raising the bar for non-whites is the wrong approach for equality. In the wake of the South Carolina shootings, the US government has showed it is capable of swift action. Within days, the incident was labeled a hate crime, which allows prosecutors to...