International Finance
Chanakya takes his name from the author of Arthashastra, the preeminent Indian political treatise on statecraft. He is a global emerging markets specialist with an international bank in London. Educated in Asia, Europe and the United States, he holds degrees in Government, Economics, Finance and Management.

The Economic Policy of Manmohan Singh

November 17, 2011

Despite possessing strong economic credentials, the Indian Prime Minister’s economic team has not yet been able to effectively address inflation. Control on corruption has not been Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's strongest suit. And now, as we approach the one year anniversary of 9 percent plus inflation, it seems neither is his...

A Failure in Leadership: The Incompetence of India’s Prime Minister

September 06, 2011

Dr. Manmohan Singh’s ineptitude has quickly caused him to fall out of favor. India’s Prime Minister, Dr. Singh, seems to be at a loss in understanding why Indians across the country are coming out and protesting in support of Anna Hazare. From college students in Bangalore to the Dabbawala delivery...

The NGO debate – More Shades of Grey than Black or White

July 18, 2011

Chanakya writes that the Indian government is ambivalent about its attitude towards NGOs in the country, which are alternately viewed as either doers of good or as frauds. Either way, they are now indispensable in serving India’s poor.

Bihar - The Great Turnaround

March 23, 2011

In Bihar, the state with the lowest female literacy rate in the country, things have changed dramatically.  All indicators of governance have improved dramatically.  School enrolment has shot up, crime has decreased dramatically and roads have been constructed all across the state.  Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in power since November...