Carlos Melo

Carlos Melo is a sociologist and political scientist. He is a professor and a member of the Public Policies Center at Sao Paulo’s Insper Business School.

Uncertainty Surrounds Brazil’s Presidency

March 30, 2016

If Rousseff is impeached, Vice President Michel Temer would take her place. What would that scenario look like? In Brazil, the Rousseff administration has lost its signs of life. It cannot pass anything in Congress, and it doesn’t do much to stop the crisis it creates. It is a paralyzed...

How to Understand Corruption in Brazil

February 29, 2016

Historical and structural problems lead to corruption in Brazil. In Brazil, two cars drive on a highway in opposite directions. When crossing each other, one of the drivers frantically flashes the headlights. This is a scenario that nearly every Brazilian will understand: It means that police are ahead. The message...