Bushra Tariq

Bushra Tariq is a researcher in international law at South Asian University. Her areas of interest include law, gender, politics, trade and culture. She has also practiced as an advocate in the Supreme Court of India.

India Rules Against Instant Divorce

August 24, 2017

The ruling against instant divorce is a victory for Indian Muslim women, but there is a long way to go before real change occurs. On August 22, the Supreme Court of India declared the practice of instant divorce in Islam, known as triple talaq, to be unconstitutional and un-Islamic. The...

How Practicing Religion in Public Places in India Can Violate the Law

August 18, 2017

Both the freedom to practice religion and the right against noise pollution are protected by the Constitution of India. While traveling to my hometown in July, I got stuck in a massive traffic jam caused by kanwariya — the devotees of the god Shiva. Not only did the yatra (religious journey)...

Does Bollywood Promote Crimes Against Women?

May 20, 2017

It is time for Bollywood to stop justifying and promoting sexism and sexual harassment in the guise of romance. While Abhay Deol’s criticism of Bollywood celebrities endorsing fairness products was received with mixed reactions from the film community, one thing is quite true: It is not just about the light...