Bryan Betancur

Bryan Betancur is an assistant professor of Spanish at Furman University. His research focuses on Spanish theater of the early modern period. As a Colombian-American, he is also interested in questions of bilingualism, Latino identity and the place of Hispanics in US politics.

The Greatest Problem Facing Latinos Under Trump

May 22, 2017

US mainstream media either ignores Latinos entirely or relegates them to symbols of immigration. Despite recent attempts to bring national attention to the concerns of the Hispanic community, America’s Latinos remain largely invisible. As the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency drew to a close, Hispanics took stock of their...

America's Great Social Media Divide

January 20, 2017

Evading discussion with our neighbors while taking refuge in our echo chambers contributes to the problems facing America. Recently, the prevalence of divisive rhetoric and the polarizing effects of online platforms have spurred calls for greater empathy in political discourse. Some people have suggested solutions such as urging Facebook to...

Why Latinos Support Donald Trump

August 13, 2016

No amount of semantic somersaulting can whitewash the racist overtones of Donald Trump’s campaign. The 55 million Latinos in the United States embody diversity. We come from African, European, Asian and indigenous backgrounds. We represent every shade of skin, eye and hair color. We are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jewish....