Brian Milakovsky

Brian Milakovsky works on humanitarian issues in eastern Ukraine. He has been living and working in Russia and Ukraine since 2009, when he traveled to Kiev as a Fulbright scholar.

Protesting the War in Yemen

May 31, 2017

The US is complicit in policies that could kill as many Yemenis as Jews perished in the Holocaust. We are witnessing a period of activism and civic engagement unprecedented in my generation. Liberals have picked up the placards they put away for most of the Obama era and remembered how to march....

Ukraine’s Explosive Language Question

February 23, 2017

It is no longer a sustainable social contract in Ukraine that the east can be a Russian-speaking enclave and de facto ignore the state language. The so-called “language question” has been a recurring motif of political conflict in Ukraine for the past 25 years. Too often, debates between proponents of obligatory...

The Church: Caught Between Russia and Ukraine

December 14, 2016

In Eastern Ukraine, the Orthodox Church finds itself in the crossfire of an ideological conflict. “I call on those who cry out that we should restore justice with our fists: Our country is ailing, but we must treat her in a way that does not kill the patient … We...

Is Europe’s Buffer Zone in Ukraine Keeping it Safe?

December 04, 2015

Ukraine must protect civilian populations in the Donbas region and seek a political solution to the conflict. European and American foreign policy elites have come to regard the brutal war in eastern Ukraine almost entirely through the lens of geopolitics. The terrible human suffering of the war remains an unfocused...