Binh Nguyen

Binh Nguyen majors in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania and will graduate in May 2013. Binh is interested in East Asian security affairs, and will write his honors thesis on the implications of China’s naval modernization for regional security in the Asia Pacifi

Is China’s Military Buildup Excessive? (II/II)

China’s recent military expansion has affected the country’s Asian neighbors and the People’s Liberation Army faces an array of future prospective security challenges. This is part II. China’s Real Influence on Asia’s Strategic Landscape While top American officials suggest that China’s buildup is excessive, the People's Liberation Army’s (PLA)... Continue Reading

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Is China’s Military Buildup Excessive? (I/II)

China’s perception of its neighbors and its environment shapes its military expenditure and planning. This is the first of two parts. Senior American officials including the Secretaries of State and of Defense have remarked that China’s recent military buildup is quite excessive given the country’s security environment. China has expanded its defense budget in recent years by... Continue Reading

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