Bethanie Mitchell

Bethanie Mitchell is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer who covers stories globally. She is currently based in Seattle, Washington. Her website is

Losing Christina in War-Torn Iraq

April 06, 2017

The abduction of children in Iraq by IS militants has sent minorities fleeing for their lives. “Infidels, pagans, nonbelievers”—these are terms that Islamic State (IS) militants use when referring to minority groups within their reach. The Islamic State’s offensive in 2014 victimized both Sunni and Shia Muslims in Iraq and...

The Islamic State's Mark on Iraq

March 09, 2017

Iraq is a country that has not seen peace for decades. Instability will stay even after the Islamic State is defeated. [Click the image above or scroll down to view mini gallery.] Iraq’s short window of recovery from the US-led invasion in 2003 was slammed shut in 2014 after the...