Bàrbara Molas

Bàrbara Molas, PhD, is an expert in far-right ideology and radicalization (the 1930s through COVID-19). Author or editor of several books and peer-reviewed journal articles on the radical right, she also teaches at York University, conducts postdoctoral research at the University of New Brunswick, is a leading member of the British-based Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), and consults on right-wing extremism online with governmental bodies, social media and independent research organizations in Europe and North America.

Proscribing the Far Right: Is Spain Doing Enough?

January 07, 2022

Proscription, the listing of some groups or organizations as terrorists, has become a crucial counterterrorism initiative adopted by liberal democratic governments. Despite the criticism proscription has caused due to it occurring at the discretion of individual states, it has proved to be an effective preventative strategy. Since the banning of...

Canada’s Anti-Mask Movement Demands Liberty

November 12, 2020

Toronto’s Gerrard Street is known for its lively small neighborhood businesses. The east end of the street in particular is famous for being home to one of the largest South Asian marketplaces in North America. It is there that I recently saw a series of posters advertising the new “Borat...