Ayan Rakshit

Ayan Rakshit is an undergraduate student of Materials Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. Born in Kolkata, raised in Mumbai and now studying in Gujarat, Ayan has come across various people from different parts of India. He takes great interest in reading on a variety of topics, debating, following sports and meeting experts from various fields.

How Revolutionary Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

September 12, 2019

Around 20 years into the new millennium, everything about our lives and surroundings is changing at an incredible pace. The ways we work, play, study, communicate, spend and earn are rapidly evolving to bear little resemblance to how we’ve lived through most of modern times, let alone history. Experts call...

India: A Multitude of Problems of a Multilingual Nation

August 08, 2017

India needs more inclusive and less Hindi-alienating solutions for its language divides. The recently constructed Bangalore metro garnered sufficient controversy a while back with its decision to have Hindi signage complementing that of English and Kannada, the vernacular language of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Many people saw this...