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Anuraag Saxena is based in Singapore and has been featured and published by BBC, Washington Post, The Diplomat, Fair Observer, Economic Times, Sunday Guardian, Man’s World, Doordarshan and SPAN. He is passionate about heritage and culinary history and tweets at @anuraag_saxena
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India Comes Together During Coronavirus Pandemic

In 1968, German mathematician Dietrich Braess made a rather fascinating observation. When you added an additional road between points A and B, it slowed traffic down rather than speed it up. The Braess paradox, as it is now called, is a counterintuitive observation that has been studied and expanded for over half a century, with applications extending beyond mathematics and traffic management.... Continue Reading

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For Facebook and Twitter, the World Is Not Flat

Facebook, Twitter and Google have no option but to clean up their act before India decides to log off. In front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, social media bosses Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey recently defended their companies against allegations of misuse. Russian interference in US elections was a throwback to Cold War-era propaganda tactics and reminiscent of a John le Carré... Continue Reading

Fair Observer

Blood Buddhas: How Indian Heritage Fuels the Terror Machinery

Cultural artifacts from across the world are being peddled so bombs can be thrown back at us. How much does a terrorist attack cost? Where does the money come from? How does the money get through to terror groups? How are far-off countries like India an integral part of the terror-funding network? While Indian journalists like Shekhar Gupta were busy justifying and communalizing the issue,... Continue Reading

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