Ansh Joshi

Ansh Joshi is a senior undergraduate in electrical engineering. He is enthusiastic about Indian politics and economics. He plans to pursue a career in chip design after graduation.

Without Fundamental Reforms to the Education System, Indians Will Not Innovate

June 03, 2019

The education system, with terrible teaching that programs Indians to focus on tests, must change and put a focus on learning instead. In 2018, Appleā€™s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, visited India and made some fascinating observations on the country. He was humble enough to admit he knew little about India, but...

Indian Politicians Write Off Loans and Farmers Kill Themselves

February 20, 2019

Broken credit markets and the primacy of special interests are putting enormous burdens on Indian taxpayers and farmers. Countries across the world subsidize agriculture. A key reason for this has been food security. Other reasons such as equity, environmental and cultural concerns also inform the decision to do so. In...