Ansgar Kiene

Ansgar Kiene is Director of the World Future Council Africa Office and Coordinator of the African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA). Ansgar has been working as an International Media and Communications Manager in Germany and London for eight years, developing media strategies and advertising campaigns for major corporations. After travelling through Africa for a year on a sabbatical, he worked some years for different European NGOs, focusing on climate and energy issues. In October 2007, he joined the World Future Council (WFC) in Hamburg as their Climate and Energy Campaigner. After having spent a year in Ethiopia as Director for Africa, he now heads the WFC Africa Office in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Renewable Energies: Africa’s Untapped Leapfrogging Potential

Analysis of Africa's consumption of energy and the importance of developing renewable energy capacities for the continent. Access to energy is one of the cornerstones for social and economic development and poverty alleviation. In the rural areas of some African countries, the share of people with access to modern energy services is as low as 1 percent. In order to reach these poor rural... Continue Reading

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