Anna Boots

Anna Boots is a Fulbright Student Researcher in Morocco who is interested in the intersection of gender, cultural production and globalization. Currently, she lives the town of Azrou in the Middle Atlas Mountains and spends much of her time with women’s weaving cooperatives in the region. Outside of her research, she studies French and Moroccan Arabic, and enjoys exploring the mountains and traveling around Morocco. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a concentration in Human Rights.

Women in Morocco Set a Model for Rural Communities

October 31, 2016

The growth of cooperatives is one example of how women in the Middle East and North Africa are fighting back and showing resilience. North African women have long been celebrated in their societies as protectors of traditional culture. While this role is undoubtedly critical to any society, the relegation of...

Obama Has Right to Nominate New Justice, Despite What GOP Says

February 19, 2016

Republican presidential candidates try to interpret the US Constitution for political motives, whilst celebrating Scalia’s originalism. On February 13, the stage of the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina was rife with hypocrisy, as candidates celebrated Justice Antonin Scalia’s originalism and commitment to the US Constitution while many of them,...

Women Disproportionately Affected by Rising Obesity in Morocco

February 04, 2016

Greater education about a healthy diet and lifestyle and increased exercising facilities for women are needed to fight obesity in Morocco. Like many developing countries, Morocco is in the midst of a health transition. Until recently, infectious diseases and undernourishment posed the greatest threats to Moroccans’ health. But due to...

The Dangers of American Education

December 04, 2015

Why does the US base its national narratives on myth rather than history? Lately, some Americans have called the world’s attention, yet again, to our society’s shocking and relentless insistence on ahistoricism. Xenophobic, fear-mongering responses to the global refugee crisis from Republicans highlight their refusal to acknowledge America’s role in...

An American in Morocco Following the Paris Attacks

November 16, 2015

Responding to terrorism with xenophobia and intolerance toward Muslims feeds straight into ISIS narratives about the West. I am a young American woman currently living in Morocco. On November 13, I was heartbroken to learn of the attacks in Paris. Like many people, I was also deeply saddened by the...

Anou Connects Moroccan Weavers to World Market

October 09, 2015

Changing the way we shop for Moroccan carpets can help ensure that weavers are fairly compensated for their work. Despite the existence of a global market for Moroccan carpets, the women who weave them often live in poverty and benefit very little economically from their craft. This is due in...