Ankita Rathour

Ankita Rathour is a PhD student at Louisiana State University and has over a decade of teaching experience. From 2013-2014, she was a Fulbright teaching assistant at the University of Hawaii. Her poetry, articles, short stories, interviews have been published widely with Lost Tower Publications, Cyberwit Publications, Kalamos Literary Services, Central Dissent UCO, FeminisminIndia to name a few. Her research is in Bollywood, Crime film and Crime fiction, and Postcolonial Feminist theory.

Confessions of a True Crime Addict

Mar 01, 2019

It is as if I kill the victim(s) multiple times, especially by not including their side of story and not even considering that the entire crime genre needs to be redefined. There is something universally alluring about crime. Whenever I talk about my research into crime films and fiction, I...