Anita Kassem

Anita Kassem is an Adeni student who is currently pursuing her master's degree in International Security at Science Po in Paris. She recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Science Po.

Syrian Refugees in Yemen: Left to Their Own Fate

Syrian refugees in Yemen must be protected from exploitation. Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to comprehend the political and economic situation in Yemen is to see who the beggars in the streets are. The common scene would involve Africans or Yemeni marginalized communities begging at every traffic light in the local bazaars. In 2010, the streets were filled with Internally Displaced... Continue Reading

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Yemen: Challenges Faced by the Southern Movement

Despite the Southern Movement's influence, not all southern Yemenis are for a secession from the north. The 22nd anniversary of the unification of Yemen was welcomed with huge protests in the south, especially in Aden. Thousands of Southern Movement supporters rallied, and not for the first time, to express their discontent with what they dub the “Sana’a regime” and to... Continue Reading

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