Andrea Mazzarino

Andrea Mazzarino co-founded Brown University’s Costs of War Project. She has held various clinical, research, and advocacy positions, including at a Veterans Affairs PTSD Outpatient Clinic, with Human Rights Watch, and at a community mental health agency. She is the co-editor of War and Health: The Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The New American-Style Privatization of War

Russia is not alone in using mercenaries. The US has been using contractors (i.e. mercenaries) for a while. This hides the costs of America’s forever wars and the lack of accountability this implies has had disastrous effects on society. Continue Reading

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Are the Hunger Wars About to Begin in the US?

Military personnel in the US are increasingly in deep distress. The defense budget is hundreds of billions of dollars but it ends up in the pockets of defense companies. As a result, troops, veterans and military families are suffering. Continue Reading

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