Andre Evans

Andre Evans is a Truman scholar, MIT Lincoln Lab Fellow, youth activist, speaker, engineer, military professional and motivator. Drawing from personal experience of having joined a Chicago gang—the Gangster Disciples Nation—at the age of 12, Evans delivers empowering messages to youth in at-risk neighborhoods on how to break the cycles of violence and poverty that many face in under-resourced communities. He is currently president of the Midshipmen Black Studies Club (MBSC), a STEM leader, a member of the USNA Gospel Choir and a military outreach officer for the US Naval Academy, as well as a senior and Naval Architecture major at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
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There’s More to Chicago Gang Violence Than Meets the Eye

Writing off the children growing up in Chicago’s ghettos as lost causes will only ensure the continuation of the cycle of violence. There’s a bullet for everyone in my neighborhood. You just have to dodge it or not be around when the gunman puts it in the cartridge, cocks it and aims. As of June 8, Chicago had seen 1,050 people shot since the beginning of 2015. That’s more than the... Continue Reading

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