Alfons Lopez Tena

Alfons López Tena is a Catalan analyst on public and international affairs. A lawyer, former member of Spain’s Council of the Judiciary and an ex-legislator in the Catalan parliament, López Tena is the author of several books on law and secession. He writes for media outlets in the United States, Catalonia, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Turkey and Israel.

Scotland and Catalonia: The Quest for Independence

July 26, 2017

Are Scotland and Catalonia willing to do what it takes to achieve independence? In 2007, the Scottish National Party launched a proposal of holding a referendum over Scotland’s independence. In 2009, some activists detached from mainstream Catalan parties launched the same proposal in Catalonia and actually held unofficial referenda that drove more than a...

The Feminization of the European Far Right

April 20, 2017

In Europe, the far-right strategy is to lure women for support. The name of Austria’s far-right party — the “Freedom Party,” led by Barbara Rosenkranz — is striking both for its simple, faultless suitability to any faction across the political spectrum and how the far right’s authoritarian pride does not...

Bringing Justice to Catalonia

February 03, 2017

The leader of Catalonia’s independence movement deserves a fair trial. Authoritarian rulers have a crush on parading themselves as the embodiment of the country itself—usually called with the more uplifting name of fatherland—feeling entitled to crush any criticism and dissent as treason and sedition. An outcome of liberal democracy’s ideological hegemony is...