Alexander Werman

Alexander Werman is a political and security risk analyst focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region. In his current role at Control Risks, a global specialist risk consultancy, he leads the company’s research on Libya, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Before Control Risks, Alexander studied Arabic in Jordan and was a contributing writer for the Jordan Times newspaper. He holds a master’s degree in security policy studies from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Emory University.
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For Libya, Peace Remains Unlikely

A recent ceasefire agreement and ongoing political reconciliation negotiations between Libya’s warring factions have significantly de-escalated tensions. A flurry of diplomatic engagement, with significant international support, has raised hopes that the Libyan conflict is about to enter a new stage, namely one that involves less fighting and more talking. Members of the self-styled Libyan... Continue Reading

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