Alexander Bratersky

Alexander Bratersky joined the Moscow Times in 2009 as a news reporter focusing on politics, civil society, and police reform. In the mid 1990s he was a regular freelance contributor to the arts section of The Moscow Times, writing about culture. Prior to joining The Moscow Times, Alexander worked as a political reporter for Izvestia, the Russian national daily, and as Washington correspondent for the RIA-Novosti news agency. He has also been a contributing writer for the Russian edition of Rolling Stone. You can contact him at
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Putin Reaches Out After Death of "Close Friend" Chavez

Following the death of Hugo Chavez, what is next for Venezuela’s relationship with Russia? Signaling an eagerness to maintain cozy ties with Venezuela, President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called for even stronger relations and praised the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as “a close friend of Russia.” But analysts warned that Russia’s energy and arms contracts... Continue Reading

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