Ajitabh Das

Ajitabh Das is a freelance writer. He currently works at SAP, a German software company. He holds an MBA from SKEMA Business School in Paris; an MA from Sciences Po in France; and an MA in French Literature from Banaras Hindu University in India. His research focuses on international politics, economics, culture, religion and business.

Is Islam in Conflict With the West?

March 02, 2015

Western democracy and Islam must find ways to exist together peacefully — especially in France. Dust may have settled since the Paris attacks of January 7-9, but the debate over freedom of expression goes on. In the aftermath of the horrific murders, one key issue remains: freedom of expression vs...

Memo to Sonia Gandhi: Your Hypocrisy is Showing

January 19, 2015

Invoking Nehru will not save Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party from irrelevancy.  Sonia Gandhi’s renunciation of power ten years ago is still fresh in the minds of Indians. Her rejection of the prime ministership, and her selection of a non-political, Oxford-educated yes-man in Manmohan Singh to run India, allowed her to invent an unconventional mode...