Andrew Pollen

Andrew Pollen is a citizen of the world who is passionate about cities, public policy, and macroeconomic trends. A former associate editor at Fair Observer, Pollen holds an MBA from Esade Business School in Barcelona and a BS/BA from the University of Pennsylvania. In his day job, he works in the tech industry in Seattle, Washington.

Obama Foreign Policy Grades

Aug 29, 2012

President Barack Obama promised changes in foreign policy, but has not deviated from the path of George W. Bush and his predecessors. Furthermore, though Americans may not consider foreign policy a priority in the upcoming election, it still remains one for the United States.  Background

Euro Crisis: Ideas For Recovery

Aug 05, 2012

Though two years into the European Financial Crisis political progress has been made to rebuild the economies of European Union countries, economic instability remains prevalent across the continent, particularly in Greece and Spain.  Background

The Spanish Struggle to Duplicate Silicon Valley

Jul 12, 2012

Why Europe can copy the business models, but not the essence, of Silicon Valley. In the last two years, has introduced Spaniards to last minute hotel deals and stickers on Spanish restaurant windows have begun imploring passersby to order online via To an American eye, it seems like...

European Financial Crisis: Eye on Germany

Jul 03, 2012

As observers focus on the troubled economies of Spain and Greece, it’s important not to lose sight of Germany. Background Germany’s vision of tough austerity and greater fiscal integration prevailed for two years after Greece’s debt crisis erupted in early 2010. Its record of sound fiscal management, moderate growth and...

A Financial Transaction Tax is Reasonable

May 24, 2012

A financial transaction tax might help regulate high frequency and derivative trading. This is a rebuttal to a previous article which was skeptical of the so-called Tobin tax. 

Ageing and the Financial Crisis: More Than Meets the Eye

May 07, 2012

Andrew Pollen and economist Edward Hugh find an unexpected link between Europe's ageing population and its ongoing financial crisis Developed country societies have been steadily getting older ever since the coming of the industrial revolution. But now they are ageing more quickly as birth rates in many developed countries continue...

La Deuda De Todos: The Fate of Spanair

Feb 07, 2012

Spanair's bankruptcy provides valuable lessons on the uncomfortable union of public and private investments.  The collapse in late January of Spanair, Spain’s 4th largest airline, drew attention to the pitfalls of government running private industry. The Catalunya region owned 89.1% of Spanair—which it planned to re-brand as Barcelona Airways—through a...

Capital Requirements are Hurting Big Banks

Dec 23, 2011

The European Banking Authority stress test earlier this December found that the Europe-wide capital deficit, which was thought to have improved, had actually worsened from €106bn to €115bn, prompting worry that the requirements are squeezing banks’ business instead of making them safer. Big banks, such as Banco Santander, Société Générale,...