Divorce in the Arab World

October 16, 2019

Iran’s Radical Poetry in the Making

February 07, 2017

A radical poetry movement in Iran breaks rules and challenges censorship. For several years before my immigration to the Czech Republic, I had experienced something like living in Prague. The experience was extremely similar to Milan Kundera’s and Klima’s description of the city because our...

Mental Health as Foreign Policy: Trauma in the Arab World

November 04, 2016

The US presidential campaign debate on Middle East policy has focused disproportionately on the response to the Islamic State. This series instead focuses on five alternative Middle East policy challenges facing the next president. In this final part, Ryan J. Suto discusses addressing the human...

Why Women Are the Missing Link in Countering Extremism

October 27, 2016

Counterterrorism strategy in the Middle East and North Africa can no longer avoid the involvement of women. According to the World Bank, 48.3% of the population in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is female. Yet despite their prominent place in society—and the fact that women and...

Workplace Change: A Shifting Paradigm in MENA

October 25, 2016

Women in the Middle East and North Africa have been active in one of the most profound contexts of change. Much has been written and speculated about life in the Middle East and North Africa. Some have experienced the love of being in a culture steeped in history and ancient folklore, romantic...