Who Owns the Pronouns?

October 14, 2019

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo is one of the least interesting media personalities imposed on the American public. An obedient exponent of CNN’s aggressive establishment agenda, Cuomo long ago suppressed any talent he might have developed for interviewing. Instead, he has faithfully cultivated...

CNN Declares Saudi Arabia Redeemed and Ready to Lead

June 06, 2019

Saudi Arabia hosted a triple summit to consolidate and unify the policy of Arab nations in building opposition to Iran. CNN applauds its convergence with Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Reporting on the emergency summit Saudi Arabia organized to rally other Arab nations to its increasingly...


CNN’s Broken Lie Detector: Don Lemon

March 14, 2019

In the hyperreal world of American news media, lying about lying has become the foundation of effective fake news.  Complaining about President Donald Trump’s belated, laborious and disingenuous explanation of why he referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple,” CNN’s Don Lemon told...