The World’s Love Affair With Justin Trudeau Is Over

October 30, 2019

Canada's 43rd federal election took place on Monday, October, 21, in which the incumbent prime minister, Justin Trudeau, managed to win just 157 out of 338 seats in Parliament while losing the popular vote to the country's Conservative Party. He still retains his position as prime minister and...

Unpacking the News Behind Justin Trudeau’s “Blackface” History

October 03, 2019

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy of One

June 18, 2018

From the G-7 dustup to the flashy photo shoot with Kim Jong-un, US foreign policy is now determined solely by the president's pettiest personal preferences. In the wake of the disastrous G-7 meeting in Canada and the successful summit in Singapore, it’s hard to know what to call US foreign...

The Positive Effects of Trump’s Challenge to NAFTA

March 06, 2018

The NAFTA renegotiations are bringing Mexico and Canada closer together, at last. Since the start of diplomatic relations in 1944, and until very recently, economic and political links between Canada and Mexico were limited. Their geographic positions have historically (and strongly) shaped...

The World This Week: Dirty Oil Drives the Global Economy

December 04, 2016

House prices and oil prices rose this week, raising prospects of short-term economic growth while amplifying possibilities of long-term damage to the planet. This week, house prices in the United States hit a record. Believe it or not, the average home price for September is 0.1% above the...