Libyan General Gets Closer to Assad

June 06, 2020

More than nine years into the Syrian crisis, there are steady reports of Syrian militants fighting in Libya’s civil war over 1,200 miles away.

Syrian Civil War Escalates to International Crisis

April 12, 2018

The Syrian War, apart from its horrendous humanitarian toll, is now for all intents and purposes an international conflict. Syria’s civil war has reached a magnitude unforeseen by anyone in the conflict’s seven-year course. Not in 2011, when it began. Not in 2012 when President Barack Obama...

The World This Week: US Strikes Syria for Chemical Weapons Attack

April 09, 2017

Strikes on Syria after a ghastly chemical weapons attack boost Trump’s popularity but raise questions of whether they are punitive, preventive or just. In an age where there are five jobs in public relations in the US for every single job in journalism, there are far too many issues for...

An Open Letter to the Muslim World

Leaders of the Muslim world must act on the tragedy of Aleppo. Dear leaders, Perhaps by now you will have seen or heard the heartbreaking news coming out of Aleppo, Syria. News of missiles raining down from the sky onto the city; of those who have been driven from their...