Has the US Always Been at War?

May 04, 2021

Here’s the strange thing in an ever-stranger world: I was born in July 1944 in the midst of a devastating world war. That war ended in August 1945 with the atomic obliteration of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by the most devastating bombs in history up to that...

Reflecting on COVID-19 in America

March 18, 2021

America’s Moment of National Reckoning

November 10, 2020

America has just concluded a cataclysmic Election Day and its immediate aftermath. What was supposed to be our quadrennial celebration of democratic institutions is instead a reflection of what happens when unprincipled and corrupt leaders are given access to the national stage to promote...

America Is a Nation in Darkness

July 13, 2020

As America’s 2020 Independence Day fades from memory, many things are clearer. Americans love to go to beaches and bars as their petri dishes of choice, masks are a better idea than they were before Independence Day, there will never be a national pandemic response as long as Trump is president,...

What Really Makes America Great

May 11, 2020

This year’s US presidential election is likely to unleash the most polarizing discourse we’ve seen in decades. We’re likely to hear both sides use extreme labels like fascist, socialist and racist. We’ve already seen a clear schism between the parties and an equally deep-seated hostility...

Testing America’s National Character

February 05, 2020

I hope that Americans who want to believe in the promise of their nation have paid attention to the presidential impeachment trial. I hope that those in the international community still clinging to the hope that America will finally live up to its promise have paid attention to the presidential...

Which Country Has Meddled with the Most Elections?

June 13, 2019

Even though most Americans might find it hard to believe, the US was not the first country to have an election meddled with by an intrusive foreign power. In the US, reactions to the Mueller report have been all-American beyond belief. Let's face it, when it comes to election meddling, it’s...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Clothes and Early Female Labor Activists

January 07, 2019

Criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s clothes echoes attacks against early female labor activists. As the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has attracted much media attention. A young outspoken woman who defines herself as “an educator, an...

News from the Far Side of Nowhere

December 20, 2018

Unbelievably enough, despite all evidence to the contrary, there’s still an actual world out there beyond news about Donald Trump. “Breaking News!” — as NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt often puts it when beginning his evening broadcast. Here, in summary, is my view of the news...

Is America a Broken Nation?

October 30, 2018

Is it appropriate for sports celebrities to help fix a broken nation? Basketball coach Steve Kerr hopes so but doesn’t expect much. Two of the most ambiguously euphemistic words in the English language are the adjective, “appropriate” and its negative, “inappropriate.” They often...

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