War Is Now Turning Dangerous: What Can Europe Do?

The Russia-Ukraine War could go horribly wrong and Europe is unprepared for it. The EU could take practical steps to improve food security as well as confront the fears that underlie the warlike atmosphere that we find ourselves in today.

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Are the Pahlavists Following Moscow’s Lead in Washington?

The rise of the Islamic Republic followed the fall of the monarchy of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Support for the revival of the Shah is growing in Iran and they’ve found an ally in Moscow. Washington financed the Shah the first time, and now the Pahlavists want a repeat of history. Instead, the West must heed the lessons of the past and push for democracy in Iran.

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How to Deal with Russian Crimes in Ukraine

The cry of "never again" is not enough and must be matched with action. Learning from the Nazi past, Europe has to back Ukraine and ensure that Ukrainians secure justice for theft, loss and damage of their cultural property.

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