Zachariah Dickens

Zachariah Dickens is a commentator on US foreign policy and counter-terrorism. He is a graduate from Norwich University, receiving a master's degree in diplomacy with a focus on international terrorism.
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What the US Should Avoid in Venezuela

America's Cold War-era policies won't work against Venezuela.  If the United States government was intent on choosing an ineffective and damaging response to the crisis in Venezuela, it need only use its foreign policy toward South and Central America during the Cold War as a blueprint. Potentially pre-empting the nascent anti-Maduro, Organization of American States coalition that his trip to... Continue Reading

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Rethinking Incarceration: Europe’s Jihadist Incubators

Jailing returning jihadists among the general prison population presents a worrying source of radicalization in Europe. On July 26, a German court sentenced Sven Lau, a known recruiter of foreign fighters, to more than five years in prison. One immediate concern following the continued loss of territory formerly controlled by Islamist terrorist organizations like the Islamic State (IS) and... Continue Reading

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