William Gould

William Gould is a professor of Indian history at the University of Leeds. Before that he worked at the University of Cambridge, where he completed his first degree in history and his PhD. He has published a number of books and articles on Hindu nationalism, religious politics and conflict in India, India's partition, the nature of the state in South Asia, and the politics of caste.

What Is Behind India’s Politics of Renaming?

November 22, 2018

The movement to change India’s national symbolism under the BJP deliberately targets the principal ideas underpinning the vision of India as a secular state. On October 16, 2018, Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and well known Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Hindu-right hardliner, announced a change of name...

The Hindu Right's War on Women

September 06, 2018

The right-wing promise to protect “Hindu traditions” offers shelter to male constituencies troubled by the apparent threat of women’s professional and sexual independence in modern India. In his savage book, Capital: The Eruption of Delhi, on the nature of India’s capital’s transformation as a global metropolis, Rana Dasgupta describes the besieged...