Dr. Waleed Addas

Waleed Addas currently manages the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Regional Hub in Rabat. Dr. Addas joined IsDB as an economist in 1992 and rose to head the IsDB Regional Hub in Kuala Lumpur in 1999. Before moving to Rabat in 2021, he headed the Lives and Livelihoods Fund, a five-year $2.5 billion concessional Trust, in 2016. This fund targeted the poorest countries fighting infectious diseases and restoring livelihoods. Dr. Addas also worked as an economist at the Ministry of National Planning and Economy and in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, Riyadh.

When Sustainable Development Goalkeepers Fail To Make A Stop

The COVID-19 pandemic, war, geopolitical rivalry and a growing climate crisis have dominated the news, but very few things match the importance of the 17 sustainable development goals the UN has defined for the future of humanity. The goals can be achieved but only by calling into question the prevailing practices. Continue Reading

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